Food Machinery

We are a builder of Industrial Centrifuge for Food preservation. A mechanical process performed at average temperature and at a controlled rate not to change the structure and organoleptic properties of food. The centrifugation is used to separate liquid fractions from the solid product and / or fibers, or simply for drying vegetables after a normal wash.
With appropriate equipment countless foods can be centrifuged: from desalted fish, fruit, but also vegetables, basil, mushrooms, artichokes, pickles, pickles. You can filter teas, fruit juices, flavored oils, essences, etc..
Nuova Sara centrifuges are essential for any laboratory working with agro-food products, fresh or cooked, or resumed after a first storage made origin, with salt or chemical preservatives, which then have to be removed by cleaning processes prior to use final.

Centrifuges for food industry

What we offer

We want to offer Centrifuge for company and laboratory which produce fresh, cooked and preserved fruit, vegetables, fish and meat in general. The centrifuge is necessary for dry or wring, the food, after washing and after process of preparation .

What we are looking for

- Customers using
- Retailers
- Commercial partner ship
- Technical and commercial partnerships with other manufacturers and builders


  • Agriculture and Agronomy
    • Agriculture machinery
  • Innovative Processes
    • Processing (cutting, pelling, sizing, sorting techniques)
    • Other Agriculture and food processes
    • Preservation technologies / Contamination
    • Packaging systems

Collaboration sought

  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement

Contact Person

Mr Giovanni Bonfiglio

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