Brand management of the brand ‘’ CITYFARM ‘’ 100 % organic products. Present in main supply chains (Migros, Carrefour,Metro, Real etc…) with 8 dedicated organic shops ( non- franchise ).

Organic Products

What we offer

We produce organic products. The main advantages of the product is that it is sustainable, certified and liable compared to conventional products.

What we are looking for

We are looking for s/or financial


  • Agriculture and Agronomy
    • Biological control operations
  • Food quality and safety
    • Safe production methods
    • Product certification
  • Transport, Logistics, Storage and Distribution
    • Process Control
  • Environment / Energy
    • Environmental expertise/ polution detection & management
  • Innovative Processes
    • Processing (cutting, pelling, sizing, sorting techniques)
    • Packaging materials & biomaterials

Collaboration sought

  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement
  • Financial Resources

Contact Person


General Manager
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