We produce and deal since 1986 greenhouses and all technologies for protected crops. We have realized til now more than 600 hectares in italy, europe and mediterranean countries, with our experience we are able to realize structures for many purposes, with all equipments that each project needs. With our team, we provide state of the art and performing systems, and we can meet the needs of the small family farms as well as those of big farm cooperatives, agricultural development bodies and educational establishments. The structures are designed by our engineering department: the load calculations and required declarations are studied and issued by engineers in compliance with the legal regulations in force. Each projects we design is the result of synergies between : customer solutions and needs, cultivation needs and climate conditions. We assure our professional service and technical assistance from the moment of the design til after selling. We have specialized assembly team for any area.

Greenhouses production, technologies and plants for greenhouses dealing. Technical assistance and dealing of all material for modificaitions on existing greenhouses, garden center.

What we offer

We produce and deal since 1986 greenhouses and technologies for protected crops. We studied the best solution for each cultivation, according to customer solutions and needs, cultivation needs and climate conditions in order to have the perfect result making the best investment for the client. Our main structures are: multiart greenhouses which can satisfy big cultivation projects optimizing investment according to the big production, and the other is tunnelart greenhouse the simple and cheap solution of cultivation.

What we are looking for

We are looking for new potential clients, with projects for greenhouses in the future, or with projects of renewal of existing old greenhouses, as well as we hope to meet new potential partnerships with cooperatives, with expertiese in agricultural sector with big experience in their specific countries or area of competence for a marketing knowledge at the top, helping the developing of our sectors for mutual interests. Partners we are looking for should be already involved in the agricultural sectors, with the expertise in protected crops cultivations


  • Agriculture and Agronomy
    • Protection of cultures: pesticides and alternatives
    • Crop production, breeding
    • Systems for a Precision agriculture
    • Greenhouses and Tunnels
    • ICT for agricultural uses
  • Support technologies and Know-how
    • Process plant engineering

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement

Contact Person

Mr Dr Jean Pierre Lejeune

Legal representative, general manager, export manager
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