Economic Development of the Mediterranean Area

ANIMA Investment Network is a multi-country platform supporting the economic development of the Mediterranean. The ANIMA network ( gathers around 80 governmental agencies and international networks. The objective of ANIMA is to contribute to a better investment and business climate and to the growth of capital flows into the Mediterranean region

EuroMed@Change Project

What we offer

EuroMed@Change offers support and matchmaking services for the internationalisation of SMEs, Business and innovation clusters between Europe and 4 selected neighbouring countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt.
Our services are proposed at 3 key steps in the development of smart and effective international partnerships:
- Identify (Opportunities, risks and key players)
- Connect (with the right partners, experts and supporting networks)
- Follow up (your projects and investments )
Our services are free, delivered to selected SMEs and EuroMed business/innovation/finance stakeholders on the basis of the quality of their international development project.

What we are looking for

- Succes stories to be highlighted
- Services offers from international support networks with whom we could coordinate
- Companies with an international development project between Europe and 4 selected neighbouring countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt) eager to benefit from our services.


  • Agriculture and Agronomy
    • Biological control operations
    • Protection of cultures: pesticides and alternatives
    • Crop production, breeding
    • Systems for a Precision agriculture
    • Seed coating
    • Greenhouses and Tunnels
    • Vine Growing
    • ICT for agricultural uses
  • Food quality and safety
    • Food additives/ingredients
    • Food microbiology/ toxicology/ Quality control
    • Detection and analysis methods
    • Safe production methods
    • Product certification
    • Traceability of food and supply chain
  • Environment / Energy
    • Water Management
    • Waste Management
    • Agro chemicals
    • By-products Treatment and Valorization
    • Energy management/ renewable sources of energy
    • Biodiversity/ Ecology
    • Environmental expertise/ polution detection & management
    • Packaging biomaterials
  • Support technologies and Know-how
    • Process plant engineering
    • Cleaning technologies
    • Air control/ Filter/Purification systems
    • Sensor Technologies related to process and measurement
    • Nutrition and Health
    • Analytical Methods & Equipments
    • Automation
    • Decision Aid Tools
    • ICT for other uses
  • Innovative Processes
    • Culture techniques
    • Processing (cutting, pelling, sizing, sorting techniques)
    • Other Agriculture and food processes
    • Preservation technologies / Contamination
    • Packaging materials & biomaterials
    • Packaging systems

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development

Contact Person

Ms Amina Ziane-Cherif

Project Officer
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