Manufacturer of food processing machinery

Company established in Felino, Parma in 1946, specialized in manifacturing of food processing machinery especially for fruits transformations. Core business machinery for confiture jam and marmalade production.

Manufacturer of patented food processing machinery

What we offer

Company manufacturer of patented food processing machinery. Acting in the field of preserved food like: confiture jam and marmalade, tomatoes concentrate, pastourized milk, cheese yogurth, meat treatment. Patented systems.

What we are looking for

Looking for industrial customers, and local agents or distributors for small capacity range of machinery


  • Support technologies and Know-how
    • Process plant engineering
  • Innovative Processes
    • Processing (cutting, pelling, sizing, sorting techniques)
    • Preservation technologies / Contamination
    • Packaging systems

Collaboration sought

  • Technical Co-operation
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Commercial Agreement

Contact Person

Mr Dott enrico laginestra

sales director
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