Development of analytical methods

AkiNaO is a young SME created in 2010 and located in Perpignan. We are specialized in development and validation of method to identify and quantify any natural substance from differents origin (plants, microorganisms, marine ressources....). We develop ad hoc method to perform any specific chemistry analysis.

Development of analytical methods

What we offer

AkiNaO develops analytical method to perform identification and quantification of natural substances. We are working under GLP conditions.
Exemple of application
- Extraction, identification and quantification of polyphenols in vegetal extract.
- Development and validation of analytical method for characterization and quantification of fatty acids in plant extracts.
- Characterization of secondary metabolites produce by micro-organisms
- Quantification of specific fungi metabolites in different complex matrix
- Development and validation of analytical method for quantification of natural active substances in phytopharmaceutical preparation
- Spectral elucidation of natural compounds from plants or marine origin

What we are looking for

We are looking for customers (SMEs, industrials) and possibly partners for collaborative projects


  • Agriculture and Agronomy
    • Biological control operations
    • Protection of cultures: pesticides and alternatives
    • Crop production, breeding
    • Seed coating
  • Food quality and safety
    • Food additives/ingredients
    • Food microbiology/ toxicology/ Quality control
    • Detection and analysis methods
    • Product certification
    • Traceability of food and supply chain
  • Environment / Energy
    • Waste Management
    • Agro chemicals
    • By-products Treatment and Valorization
    • Energy management/ renewable sources of energy
    • Biodiversity/ Ecology
    • Environmental expertise/ polution detection & management
  • Support technologies and Know-how
    • Process plant engineering
    • Cleaning technologies
    • Air control/ Filter/Purification systems
    • Nutrition and Health
    • Analytical Methods & Equipments
    • Automation
  • Innovative Processes
    • Culture techniques
    • Processing (cutting, pelling, sizing, sorting techniques)
    • Other Agriculture and food processes
    • Preservation technologies / Contamination

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation
  • Commercial Agreement
  • Marketing Agreement

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