ASEPSYSTEMS is located in Sala Baganza, Parma, founded in 1990 by one of Italian pioneers in the development of aseptic processes and the owner of many important patents. A worldwide competence center for the vegetables, fruits and milk process technology and aseptic applications.
Engineering, producing and installation of complete aseptic food processing line; Aseptic sterilizers and pasteurizers; Asepstic fillers; Extraction systems; Aroma recovery systems; Blanchers; Destoners; Evaporators; Enzymatic treatments; Ultra-filtration systems; Solutions for bottling and plastic cups packaging. Implemented by different and complete services: Technical plans; Conceptual engineering; Production plant equipment; Plant assembling supervision; Plant start up
Commissioning; Technical training; Financial advising; Commercial counseling

Technology for the processing of vegetable and fruit - aseptic packaging in aseptic bags

What we offer

ASEPSYSTEMS is strongly specialized in the technology for the processing of vegetable and fruit and in the aseptic packaging in aseptic bags of different sizes
The company has developed the know-how of complete plant and lines to work products adopting highly innovative technology. We are directing, with the aid of a constant applied research, toward new end products preservation technologies, trying always to maintain the original product organoleptic and nourishing characteristics. The studied and applied techniques are directed to obtain more simple and functional machines but at the same time safe and that treat the product in delicate way.


  • Food quality and safety
    • Safe production methods
  • Support technologies and Know-how
    • Process plant engineering
    • Automation
  • Innovative Processes
    • Processing (cutting, pelling, sizing, sorting techniques)
    • Preservation technologies / Contamination
    • Packaging materials & biomaterials
    • Packaging systems

Contact Person

Mr Dr Thomas Bertazzoni

Export area manager
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