We are a little company founded in 1995 by Mr. Daniele Tiberini, now Sales Manager and Technical Director, and Mr. Maurizio Dodi, now Purchasing department. We count 7 mechanical technician, a inspector technician, a electrician, a Software Engineer, a secretary and a technical designer. We began working as an outside technical consulting service for the design of packaging machines positioned at the end of a packing line.
Then, we started to construct the machines we created and designed. Despite the fact that these were prototype and pre-mass production machines, they proved reliable and durable and our customers — normally manufacturer purchasing agents — sold them successfully. So, we decided to offer our own Product Catalogue that included all our machine lines and models. This equipment was sold on the market under both our own trademark and those of our manufacturing customers.In February 2000 we obtained ISO 9001 certification, no. 50 100 0496: “Design and production of packaging machines” from TÜV Management Service.Over the years we have registered a number of important industrial patents.
Our customers operate in a range of industrial sectors including bottling and the food industry in general. Fipal Srl has supplied secondary packaging machine and lines throughout the whole world.

Conception and production of packaging machines

What we offer

Over the years we have registered a number of important industrial patents. Currently, our manufacturing range is comprised of the following machines.
- Carton Forming Machines
- Carton Divider Inserting Machines
- Wrap-Around Package Divider Inserting Machines
- Cartoning Machines
- Carton Closing Machines
- Compact Continuous-Flow Bottle Dividers
- “Mini-Combi” With Glue Or Tape Seal (Compact Combo Unit: Carton Forming Machine + Cartoning Machine + Divider Inserting Machine + Carton Closing Machine)
- “Inserinca”: Cartoning Machines With Divider Inserters (A Fipal Exclusive)
- Palletisers / Depalletisers. Automatic And Semiautomatic.
In particular, thanks to the technology and functions utilized in their construction and the unique patented solutions they incorporate, the Wrap-around divider INSERTING MACHINES, Compact bottle dividers, “Mini-combi” and Inserinca machines offer the best in Fipal know-how that translates into profitable advantages for those using them. Our customers operate in a range of industrial sectors including bottling, food, dairy, chemical industries.

What we are looking for

Our current objective is to reinforce our Export presence through collaboration with established sales networks in a number of countries abroad. We are looking for a company which can help us to introduce our products in specialized market. This collaboration may be possible through a Dealer, a Distributor, Engineering Companies.


  • Innovative Processes
    • Packaging systems

Collaboration sought

  • Commercial Agreement

Contact Person

Mr Daniele Tiberini

Sales Manager
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