Consultant dedicated to food-manufacturing companies : Sourcing, purchasing, product and market development, quality assessment, research of international partnership, set up of supply chain. 20 years of experience in leading food companies ( fruit preparation, dairy products, herb and spices). Strong skills in food processes, product development, quality & food safety( IRCA ISO 9001 registered lead auditor), project management, supply chain.
Comfortable in International environment .

Support and assistance to food manufacturing companies in sourcing, product development, quality & food safety, performance and cost improvement.

What we offer

1. Production processes, packing, quality, project management, sourcing
2. Develop new products, new markets, improve cost and performance, secure QA
3. Integrated multi-skills (QA, R&D, supply chain, procurement)used to international exposure. Very much service oriented. Affordable charges;

What we are looking for

Food-related companies who are looking for help/advise to develop product and business, secure product & processes, improve margins and global efficiency


  • Food quality and safety
    • Food additives/ingredients
    • Food microbiology/ toxicology/ Quality control
    • Detection and analysis methods
    • Safe production methods
    • Product certification
    • Traceability of food and supply chain

Collaboration sought

  • Technical Co-operation
  • Commercial Agreement

Contact Person

Mr Ing. Pierre Martinez

Managing director
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