Canavese est un des groupes leader français dans le secteur des fruits et légumes frais, avec 6 implantations régionales, 2 sites de production en Afrique, 3 sites de mûrissage, une équipe de 350 personnes en France, et un savoir-faire reconnu dans l'ensemble des métiers de la filière : production, importation, distribution, mûrisserie, transport & logistique.

Canavese is a french leader group in the fresh fruits and vegetables sector, with 6 regional implementations, 2 production site in Africa, 3 ripening centers, a team of 350 people in France, and a know how recognized in the whole field profession: production, import, distribution, ripening, transport & logistic.

Fruits and vegetables buyer

What we offer

Our business:
- Production: Impeccable quality and food safety, regular volumes and competitive and appropriate supply require complete mastery of sourcing from beginning to end.
- Ripening: The Group's 'ripening and maturation' activity is thus based on regional organisation and high-performance equipment.
- Import: CANAVESE IMPORT is recognised today as a specialist in fresh fruit and vegetable imports
- Transport and logistic
- Distribution

What we are looking for

We are looking for fruits an vegetables producers.

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