Industrial Processes Ecodesign

A3i Innovation applies a Life Cycle Assessment methodology. Our approach, dedicated to industrial processes, allows guiding the strategy of the company taking into account technical, economic, environmental and societal issues. Processes ecodesign is based on a LCA study which identifying the parts of the system to improve and assess the levers for optimizing and avoiding pollution transfers.
- Skills: Structure of an industrial sector implementation (waste management, establishment…), Environmental improvement of a process or product, Optimization of a process or product, Proposal of clean technologies, Communication on environmental efficiency.

A3i Innovation make available their know-how, expertise and infrastructures to support, externally and/or in partnership, customers’ R&D projects. A3i Innovation carry out technological innovation projects: biomass recovery, renewable energy production, circular economy and naturel compounds production.
- Objectives: To develop the added value of our industrial know-how, To put Man in the heart of industry, To prepare for forthcoming changes
- Skills: Engineering: 25 engineers in chemical and processes engineering, Ecodesign: a subsidiary specifically dedicated to optimizing industrial processes, Project management: funding, promotion and protection of innovation

Process Ecodesign & Eco Innovation

What we offer

Application of a Life Cycle Assessment methodology dedicated to industrial processes:
- Objectives: To optimize operation costs, To make the environmental excellence an added value, Base its communication on concrete indicators, Define a strategy of development, Make the link between economic growth and sustainable development
- Approach: System diagnosis, Identification of the process to analyse, Research for technological and/or structural solutions, Proposal for workable technically and financially solutions, Support for the implementation
Carrying out of R&D collaborative projects:
- LiqHyd: industrial biomass liquefaction
- DEMEAU: hydrothermal technologies scopes
- Biomass For Future: sorgho and miscanthus streams
- AdWaste2Gas: WWTPs sludges gasification
- Saraswati: urban waste waters treatment in India
- REPALI: polyolefin recycling.Eco Innovation & Design

What we are looking for

Partners for R&D collaborative projects on biomass recovery,
renewable energy production, circular economy and naturel compounds production


  • Environment / Energy
    • Water Management
    • Waste Management
    • By-products Treatment and Valorization
    • Energy management/ renewable sources of energy
    • Biodiversity/ Ecology
    • Environmental expertise/ polution detection & management

Collaboration sought

  • Research & Development
  • Technical Co-operation

Contact Person

Mr Félicien PONCELET


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